The current work in the office ranges across the South East of Florida and is not limited by distance. On the boards and in the field projects range from Big Pine Key, to Sebastian encompassing the Treasure Coast, West Palm Beach, Broward, Dade, and the Florida Keys.

ProjectTypeSquare FeetLocation
Concourse Tenant separationCommercial Tenant Improvement8000 sfPort Saint Lucie
Sampson Strength & ConditioningCommercial Tenant Improvement3600 sfPort Saint Lucie
Lotus gunworksCommercial gun range & remodel6900 sfJensen Beach
Holy family VetVeterinary Hospital2400 sfFort Pierce
Ballenisles Country ClubAddtion & Tenant Improvement1700 sfPalm Beach Gardens
Kim nail salonCommercial Tenant Improvement1169 sfPort Saint Lucie
Lucky SpinCommercial Arcade4577 sfPort Saint Lucie
StoutCommercial Restaurant / Bar5475 sfOakland Park
McSoreley'sCommercial Restaurant / Bar1342 sfFt. Lauderdale
Saint Lucie Medical CenterMedical - main entrance renovation360 sfPort Saint Lucie
Church of ChirstChurch renovation 9012 sfMiami
GHO LLCCommercial Tenant Improvement2816 sfPort Saint Lucie
Saint Lucie Medical CenterMedical - exterior stair remodel140 sfPort Saint Lucie
KiaSite walls & dumpster enclosures170 sfOrlando
The Towers 120, 122Commercial Tenant Separation3,000 sfStuart
Denedios WarehouseNew Commercial8,150 sfFort Pierce
Lucindo Office BuildingNew Commercial C.D.7,900 sfStuart
St. Croix CommercialCommercial repairs250 sfLauderdale Lakes
White Co.Tenant improvement1408 sfSt. Lucie
Words of LifeChurch renovation Planning14,400 sfFt. Lauderdale
Words of LifeOffice renovations3,253 sfFt. Lauderdale
Words of LifeSunday School Building9,264 sfFt. Lauderdale
Eaglewood HOAClubhouse remodel5,770 sfHobe Sound
Startup NutritionCommercial Tenant Improvement703 sfStuart
McSoreley'sCommercial Resturant / Bar3,499 sfFt. Lauderdale
DeSantisCommercial Vanilla Shell2,606 sfStuart
Nirvana MassageCommercial Tenant Improvement746 sfStuart
Treasure Coast DermatologyDoctors Office4,306 sfOkeechobee
Westin HotelHotel Renovation132,600 sfFt. Lauderdale
Westin Hotel1st Floor Renovation22,500 sfFt. Lauderdale
Westin Hotel2nd Floor Renovation19,000 sfFt. Lauderdale
Renaissance HotelSuite Renovation67,200 sfBoca Raton
Renaissance HotelConference room Renovations8,700 sfBoca Raton
Marriott HotelHotel Schematic design6,500 sfPalm Beach G.
Marriott Hotel N.1st Floor remodel14,600 sfFt. Lauderdale
Marriot Hotel N.Suite Remodel2,350 sfFt. Lauderdale
Marriott Hotel N.Ada Renovation5,200 sfFt. Lauderdale
Marriott Hotel N.Lobby Renovations10,600 sfFt. Lauderdale
Marriott Hotel N.Commercial Renovations6,300 sfFt. Lauderdale
Treasure Coast Mall 3360Vanilla Shell1,800 sfJensen Beach
Treasure Coast Mall 3324Vanilla Shell2,750 sfJensen Beach
Treasure Coast Mall 3380Vanilla Shell1,250 sfJensen Beach
ConfettiCommercial Tenant Improvement6,050 sfSunrise
KazuCommercial Restaurant2,550 sfPalm City
Kazu IICommercial Restaurant1,200 sfStuart
Hurricane WingsCommercial Restaurant1,800 sfVero
Big Cheese PizzaCommercial Restaurant5,800 sfJensen Beach
Moes BagelCommercial Restaurant720 sfPort Saint Lucie
Moes BagelCommercial Restaurant1,850 sfPort Saint Lucie
McSorleysRestaurant renovation1,900 sfFt. Lauderdale
Edible ArrangementsCommercial Tenant Improvement1,200 sfPort Saint Lucie
After Hours FormalwearCommercial Tenant Improvement1,300 sfPompano
Tenant Lease SpaceCommercial Tenant Improvement1,700 sfPompano
Salty HomesComercial - Furniture Store1,850 sfPort Saint Lucie
Chateau by the Sea RealtyCommercial Tenant Improvement1,450 sfStuart
TofoyaCommercial Tenant Improvement3,600 sfHollywood
Towers 130Commercial Tenant Improvement746 sfStuart
Medical ResourcesCommercial-Medical-Planning6,650 sfPort Saint Lucie
TC DermatologyCommercial-Medical Improvement4,300 sfOkeechobee
River of LifeChurch2,750 sfSebastian
Westin - FitnessCommercial Remodel2,900 sfFt. Lauderdale
Boca Renaissance HotelCommercial Remodel7,700 sfBoca Raton
White Co 1420Commercial Tenant Separation2,975 sfPort Saint Lucie
Boca Tanning SalonCommercial Tenant Improvement2,850 sfWest Palm Beach
Tower CenterCommercial Tenant Separation9,400 sfJensen Beach
Physicians Weight LossCommercial Tenant Improvement990 sfJupiter
CrystalCommercial Tenant Improvement1,560 sfPort Saint Luce
Pro InsulationCommercial Office Addition1377 sfPalm City
White co -IRS BuildingCommercial As-Built30,434 sfPort Saint Lucie
White Co.-SeacoastCommercial As-Built1347 sfPort Saint Lucie
Florida Dept. of TransportationCommercial As-Built18300 sfDavie
White Co.-SeacoastCommercial As-Built9,600 sfPort Saint Lucie
White Co.-SeacoastCommercial As-Built3,600 sfPort Saint Lucie
Treasure Coast DermatologyCommercial As-Built5,600 sfStuart
DeSantis - TowersCommercial As-Built1,900 sfStuart
DeSantis - Cove CenterCommercial As-Built4,043 sfStuart
DeSantis - TowersCommercial As-Built3,083 sfStuart
DeSantis - ColoradoPlazaCommercial As-Built4,443 sfStuart
Westin HotelCommercial As-Built42,000 sfFort Lauderdale
Medical ResourcesCommercial As-Built12,000 sfPort Saint Lucie
ColengeloCommercial As-Built6,700 sfPlantation
Seacoast BuildingCommercial As-Built9,000 sfPort Saint Lucie
Seacoast BuildingCommercial As-Built3,600 sfPort Saint Lucie
Treasure Coast Derm.Medical As-Built6,300 sfStuart
Colorado PlazaCommercial As-Built4,400 sfStuart
The TowersCommercial As-Built7,500 sfStuart
Club SafariCommercial As-Built6,500 sfPalm Beach G.
White Co. 207Commercial As-Built1,520 sfPort Saint Lucie
Riverside WharehouseCommercial As-Built23,000sfPalm Beach
Quest Diag.Medical Space plan2,500 sfPort Saint Lucie
White Co. 208Commercial As-Built2,660 sfPort Saint Lucie
FingerResidentail addition600 sfWest Palm Beach
RoccoforteResidentail remodel1187 sfFort Lauderdale
LakatosResidential remodel1446 sfDeerfield Beach
ThompsonResidential remodel1435 sfDeerfield Beach
LevyResidential remodel3834 sBoca Raton
IngvaldsonResidential patio extension158 sfVero Beach
BagdyResidential remodel1002 sfDeerfield Beach
SchmidtResidential enclosure243 sfWest Palm Beach
StrongResidential enclosure764 sfWellington
McGovernResidential remodel977 sfCoconut Creek
ShelleyResidential addition237 sfPort Saint Lucie
StoltzResidential enclosure128 sfBoca Raton
DeMaioResidentail addition 234 sfPort Saint Lucie
MohrResidential structural repairs100 sfFort Lauderdale
BouzonResidentail addition & remodel1592 sfWest Palm Beach
BuerroResidential carport enclosure240 sfPompano Beach
HarringtonResidential remodel1780 sfDeerfield Beach
TamaroffResidential remodel1237 sfBoca Raton
HerbstResidential remodel908 sfBoca Raton
HamblenResidential Fire remodel2274 sfBiscayne Park
SinghResidential - masonry enclosure260 sfMargate
SirotResidential - Fire Dept review3200 sfPort Saint Lucie
YapResidential remodel3611 sfBoca Raton
MorrisonResidential remodel1732 sfDeerfield Beach
Investors MtcResidential remodel1342 sfMiami
KeldieResidential remodel908 sfBoca Raton
Lauzon Residential remodel3,111 sfBoynton Beach
Sandy Oaks #74Residential New - model home2,110 sfIndian town
Sandy Oaks #84Residential New - model home2,110 sfIndian town
MartynaResidential new mother in law suite906 sfBoca Raton
NelsonResidential New5,600 sfWhite City
Bernart 2Residential New3,180 sfBig Pin Key
BodeiResidential Reconstruction2,750 sfLake Worth
FeilResidential New6,745 sfBoynton Beach
Bernart 1Residential New3,180 sfBig Pin Key
KevinResidential New structure600 sfMirimar
SelepecResidential New1,580 sfPort Saint Lucie
GreenbergResidential Fire remodel1,127 sfBoca Raton
BourdonResidential remodel2,757 sfBoca Raton
MTG CapitalResidential remodel1,342 sfMiami
KeldieResidential condo remodel908 sfBoca Raton
AnathanResidential Trellis145 sfPalm Beach Gardens
AbutResidential Remodel1,456 sfFort Lauderdale
MandalResidential Fire remodel976 sfHollywood
DeShieldsResidential renovation condo1,780 sfBoca Raton
MemmelaarResidential renovation Apt.1,435 sfDeerfield Beach
SantosResidential remodel1,203 sfOakland Park
KatzResidential addition5,359 sfBoca Raton
Double M RealtyResidential remodel1,708 sfPompano Beach
GriffinResidential enclosure514 sfFort Pierce
GranatResidential remodel Apt.1.645 sfHollywood
MorrisResidential enclosure209 sfStuart
MooreResidential remodel3,264 sfHollywood
SpanoResidential addition1,659Port Saint Lucie
SeegoolamResidential Life safety plan1,700 sfPort Saint Lucie
NewsomResidential Kitchen remodel100 sfPort Saint Lucie
RocheResidential Addition3,671 sfSouth Palm Beach
MartynaResidential storm reconstruction2,043 sfBoca Raton
OnofrioResidential Sunroom enclosure110 sfStuart
MontgomeryResidential Lanai330 sfLighthouse Point
GiffordResidential Addition250 sfPalm City
BrandoaResidential Addition & Renovation1991 sfBoca Raton
LewisResidential Renovation489 sfBoca Raton
CastorResidential As-Built2,709 sfPort Saint Lucie
GanotisResidential Renovation Schematic2,800 sfPalm Beach
FullerResidential Addition345 sfFort Lauderdale
ScottResidential As-Built2,400 sfWilton Manor
KellyResidential Renovation600 sfFort Lauderdale
GambillResidential Renovation1,250 sfFort Lauderdale
GambillResidential As-Built5,200 sfFort Lauderdale
MeaseyResidential Renovation400 sfBoynton Beach
MunozResidential Addition300 sfLakeworth
SpeigelResidential Addition1,000 sfLighthouse Point
SpeigelResidential As-Built2,100 sfLighthouse Point
MartindaleResidential Addition160 sfBoca Raton
RusoResidential Renovation3,500 sfHillsboro Beach
WestResidential Renovation450 sfHillsboro Beach
ChaserResidential Renovation400 sfPlantation
ChenResidential Addition400 sfBoca Raton
SwopeResidential Addition500 sfCoral Springs
SpanoResidential Addition1,660 sfPort Saint Lucie
ShelterResidential As-Built1,800 sfPort Saint Lucie
RocheResidential Addition1,100 sfSouth Palm Beach
CoughtryResidential Enclosure300 sfPalm City
AllisonResidential Garage Addition220 sfHobe Sound
TurrellResidential Schemtic design4,700 sfStuart
BrandaoResidential Reconstruction2,450 sfBoca Raton
DavisResidential As-Built1,780 sfPort Saint Lucie
PorterResidential Addition700 sfBoynton Beach
Fountain HouseMulti Family railing renovation34,600 sfDelray Beach
Bermuda HouseMulti Family - Exercise room400 sfPompano Beach
GaynorResidential fire remodel1,680 sfPort Saint Lucie
KnappResidential Schematic Design6,839 sfSailfish Point
SpoonResidential Remodel400 sfStuart
HoldenResidential Remodel1,500 sfTamarac
LiphamResidential Enclosure330 sfSunrise
HollandResidential Enclosure320 sfStuart
GuyResidential Addition460 sfHollywood
DobynsResidential Schematic Design3,600sfPalm City
PatelResidential Remodel2,200 sfBoca Raton
BaconResidential Addition1,000 sfFort Pierce
FranjoResidential Remodel2,020 sfMiami
GaiserResidential Addition265 sfStuart
CruzResidential Remodel1,400 sfNorth Lauderdale
GrohResidential Remodel570 sfStuart
SalomonResidential Renovation2,500 sfCoral Springs